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Student Testimonials

I went to Uniwest with my friends and now I am in New Zealand with my family and friends. I have realized that Uniwest is the best place for a student to have counseling about overseas education. The staff is so friendly, and kind. They are always being prepared for every situation no matter what the time is. All we need to do is go and hand over the documents and in the next morning they call us and say your visa file is ready come and have it. I wish them very best in their carrier

Thusitha Shana Nayanayakkara

Graduate Diploma in Information and Technology / Manukau Institute of Technology, New Zealand

I went to uniwest with a doubt in my mind but Mr Kasun listened to me very patiently and gave me the directions. I learned the difference between possibility and the impossibility from Mr. Kasun and the team. Thank you Uniwest.

Raveen Harsha Kumara

BSc. Auto Motive Engineering - University of the West of England, United Kingdom

Trust needs times to be build but you can experience the trust at Uniwest since the first foot step. I highly recommend Uniwest Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd to anyone who wish to apply student visa

Isuru Madushanka Dissanayake

MSc. Information Management / University of the West of England, United Kingdom

Uniwest Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd is the best example for contactless service. I saw an advertisement on Facebook and then I contacted Uniwest. They are very friendly and supportive

Duraisamy Shanmugapriya

BSc. Early Childhood Education with foundation / University of East London, United Kingdom

Size, quantity, branches doesn’t matter when it comes to the capability and the quality. I highly recommend Uniwest to everyone who’s reading this. Their working style is mesmerizing and aesthetic

Viduni Raneesha

Dreams keep people alive and Uniwest keeps dreams alive. I am grateful to Uniwest until my last breath for helping me in getting the Australian student visa

Vihanga Shamal

/ Bachelor of IT -Southern Cross University, Australia

I’ve known Kasun for over 4 years by now. No one ever made a single complain over his work ethics. He took care of my visa application starting from the admission to itinerary.

Suresh Anuradha

MSc. International Management / University of the West of England, United Kingdom

I was looking for a trustworthy Agent to pursue my higher studies in the UK, and I was fortunate to be found Uniwest Educational Services, among dozens of forge Agents around. Uniwest Educational Services is a well-experienced, professional, efficient, and very friendly Service provider. I have never ever visited their office, but everything was communicated and processed smoothly with proper Consultation over the phone. I am happy to announce that I received my Student Visa to the UK, and my Friends too received their UK Student Visas with the assistance and the guidance of Uniwest Educational Services.

Dineshan Ramachandran

MSc Construction Project Management – University of the West of England, UK

One of my friend talked with me about the abroad masters, because he started the processing with Uniwest, in that time he gave their contact number, finally I finished the last part also and now I’m having the visa on my hand. And one more thing to share still I didn’t meet anyone of Uniwest team, but they trust me without any doubt.

Vaidevel Subalakshan

MSc Engineering Management –University of the West of England, UK

I am very happy about Uniwest Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd because their service is wonderful. I have went to different and different agents in Sri Lanka and I can clearly point of many agents as frauds. Anyways I wish all the best to Uniwest Team.

Duraisamy Shanmugpriya

Universuty of East London, UK

Uniwest did a great job to me it because I had a visa refusal, and I went to Uniwest with a doubt whether I can reapply or not. First, they removed the fear in me and counseled me with great pleasure. I became interest in their service. I didn’t want to call and ask whether you have done it or not because they always take care to keep in touch with me. I wish all the best to Uniwest and Thank you for your priceless service. 

Thilina Prasanga Gamage

Manuaku Institute of Technology, New Zealand

I’m Nadeeka Shiromalee and now I am in New Zealand with my family. I like to thank Uniwest for making my dreams come true. They support me in my IELTS, VISA and to my settlement in New Zealand. I wish them very best and thank you, Uniwest.

Nadeeka Shiromi Dissanayake

Aspire2 International, New Zealand

I, Neranjan De Silva and currently lives in United Kingdom. I have no hesitation in recommending Uniwest to everyone because I have taken the services from for two different countries. I went New Zealand from Uniwest as well and completed my bachelors at there and on the second time I went to United Kingdom. I thank uniwest for everything they did for me not framing their service to 9-5-time frame.

Neranjan De Silva

University of the West of England, United Kingdom.

I have worked as a banker in Sri Lanka and always wanted to migrate with my family. I thank god for making me meet up with Uniwest because they are honest and clear on what they do. I wish them very best.

Harshani Amarasinghe

University of Dundee, United Kingdom.

No matter what your background is, Uniwest will help your best to guide to you in student visa consultation. The main reason why I chose Uniwest is because of their fair service provided to all

Sachinda Pamod

Msc. Information Management University of the West of England, United Kingdom

It was a dream of mine to purse my higher education in overseas and I never thought that’ll be possible to me and my family with 3 kids. Uniwest took me and my family to my dream. Thank you.

Jeewanthika Lakmali Rubasinghe

MSc. Public Health – University of Canterbury Christ Church University

The number of Kilo meters do not count when it comes to the quality service. That is the main reason why I visited Uniwest – Matara all the way from Negambo.

Nisal Geethadewa

Bachelor of Hospitality Management – Southern Cross University, Australia

I was wasting my time at a famously shitty agent, Uniwest sent me New Zealand within 3 weeks starting the process from A to Z.  Highly satisfied and recommend.

Nimila Manika Widanagamaarachchi

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management / EIT, New Zealand

Uniwest is a home to A-Z student visa consultation in Sri Lanka. If the purpose is genuine and high uniwest will take care of the rest

Neomal Fernando

Graduate Diploma in Business / Aspire 2 International, New Zealand.

Whatever Mr. Kasun and Uniwest do, they do their best. That’s why now I and my husband are in New Zealand. We didn’t got tired in travelling from Kandy to Matara just to meet our dream

Krishni Rathnayake

11/10 recommendation to anyone interest in getting student visa consultation. Uniwest fast and accurate most importantly they are up to date update in Immigration advising

Manuja Weerasinghe

Master of Global Business – BSBI Germany

I choose Uniwest since all my friends suggested me that I choose Uniwest and I’m so glad that I took that decision. They are great at their jobs and they do it in a very professional manner. They have all the information you need and will guide you through the process till the end, which could be hectic if you don’t have a great support system. Compared with other similar organizations, their way of conducting work is on a different level. They are extremely professional and simply great at what they do. That’s why I’m glad that I choose Uniwest. My consultant was very friendly and kind. He was always contactable, despite the fact that he had a hectic work schedule. Moreover I didn’t visit them until my entire procedures end and. they are open to communicate in Tamil as well .I would like to thank my consultant & the organization and I strongly recommend that you guys also choose Uniwest.

Yogarajah Poornan

MSc. Construction Project Management – University of the West of England, UK

There was a time that I almost thought of revoking my decision about applying for New Zealand visa. I was almost misled by an unprofessional immigration advisor. There was a time that I thought I would never be able to make it happen. Fortunately, I was directed to Mr. Kasun at Uniwest Educational Services by one of my overseas friends. My friend guaranteed me that he can get the work done. I went from Colombo to Matara to get his service. I still remember the moment I entered his office. The staff was really welcoming and professional. A huge thank goes to Mr. Samitha and Ms. Madhu who helped me throughout the process. Mr. Kasun gave me all instructions with 100% clarity and simplicity. Everything went smoothly and I received my New Zealand visa yesterday. I wish all the best for Uniwest Educational Services. Good luck to you all!!

Sanka Withanage

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting – Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Me, and my wife are Permanent Residence holders of New Zealand now. I am too much proud to recommend Uniwest Educational Services everybody. They gave us a friendly and an unbelievable service. Thank you Uniwest for you fully support that gave to us to become the place where we are today. Wish you good luck!

Rajith Sameera Kandambi

IPU, New Zealand

My name is Buddhima Prashad and now I’m in Auckland. I get to know Uniwest through internet. Since my inquiry they followed me, gave proper instructions. The best thing is they never lied about their advice. That is the most interesting point I found in Uniwest. The staff is very friendly and funny. Still, they take care about me and my studies and now Uniwest has become my family.

Buddhima Prashad

Aspire2 International, New Zealand

It was a dream of mine to purse my higher education in overseas and I never thought that’ll be possible to me and my family with 3 kids. Uniwest took me and my family to my dream. Thank you.

Jeewanthika Lakmali Rubasinghe

MSc. Public Health – University of Canterbury Christ Church University

I went to Uniwest Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd to get counselling on how to apply student visa to New Zealand. What is surprising is I got the instructions on my first visit in formatting documents and how to apply for an offer of placement. I wish the very best to your future and hope you’ll succeed day by day.

Himesh Madhusanka

Aspire2 International, New Zealand.